Feb 23, 2010

Rejuve... WHAT?!

Rejuvelac is what you get when you add water to whole wheat berries/ grains and let it ferment for 12 to 16 hours. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the season. The warmer it is, the faster it ferments.

What is it used for?
1. As a drink. Many people on raw food diets drink this because it's rich in eight of the B vitamins, E & K vitamins and also a variety of proteins, carbs, phosphates and so on. It also helps in digestion of food and growth of friendly bacteria.
2. As a starter for vegan curds made with soy milk or peanut milk.
3. As a starter for vegan nut cheeses (which I will be putting up soon).

It can be made with other grains like whole rice, barley (jav), oats and millet. I have only tried wheat and been successful using it. Many people with gluten or wheat allergies have tried whole rice though I haven't and I will soon.

For the Rejuvelac you need:

1 glass jar
1/2 cup whole wheat grains (for your first try)
drinking water

Put the wheat in the jar and rinse it once and remove any grains/ bugs that float to the top. Add the drinking water in such a way that when you look at it, if the jar has 1/3rd wheat the rest should be water.

Let it uncovered for 24 hours outside. I usually keep it in a cupboard. The next day it should look like this...

Don't fret if it is all clear after 12 or 16 hrs. Just stir is and watch it bubble. This water can be removed and stored in another bottle while the same wheat can be used to make more rejuvelac in about 10 hours.

It should smell sour and sweet. It should taste like fermented unsweetened grape juice with lemon.

Store this in the fridge and drink it / use it as a starter for curds or vegan cheese.

1 comment:

  1. how many times can we use the soaked wheat? and what do we do with it after its used to make the rejuvalac?


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