Feb 1, 2010

What's going to be left to eat?

As usual we are left with no choice. The 'Government' as decided to go ahead with BT Brinjal. Monsanto, the American company has laid it's foundation on Indian soil. They are infamous for the forceful genetic modification of the Soybean in America (watch Food Inc. for more details). Their tagline: "The only place where biotech comes alive". Yes! That's because they are inserting scorpion, pig, human, fish genes in to our food. They are known for their arm twisting tactics and pushing American farmers to bankruptcy.

What can we do?
Boycott the brinjal ! The democratic system is of no use in India.


  1. There is absolutely no imaginable need for BT brinjal. The BT seeds do not regenerate, and ensure that the farmers keep buying from the MNC. Also, regular brinjals are not scarce, there is no cost barrier for seeds, or special requirements for growing them. The whole argument for BT foods needs a re-think.

  2. Let's see how long they let the moratorium period last!


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