Mar 24, 2010

Vegetarian Eggs anyone?

I got a call asking me if I sell vegetarian eggs through The Green Stove. I really didn't know how to react. First I thought someone wanted an egg replacer, but the voice on the other end didn't really wait for me to ask.

So then I didn't think much about it till I read today's Times of India. ('Egging you on' page 23). I can't find it on the TOI website but I'm sure you won't miss it if you read TOI in Bombay.

The article goes on to give the health 'benefits' of eating eggs and also on the side has a tiny write up about how, by feeding vegetarian feed to chicken, the eggs can be termed 'vegetarian' and sold to vegetarians as a vegetarian product. Also goes on to say that the egg was not going to be fertilised anyway meaning the chick isn't going to come out of that egg so what's the harm in eating an unfertilised egg?

Can someone tell me how the reproductive fluid of another animal be sold as being okay for vegetarians just because they're feeding it vegetarian feed?

Mar 23, 2010

Tangy Mushroom Sauté

I had about half a packet of mushrooms left after a previous night's dinner and still wanted more. So I just sautéed some mushrooms with a little bit of water and salt, added in some capsicum and a split green chillie and finished it off with lots of pepper and lemon. It's really quick and yum...

Toying with bread

Things made with a basic bread recipe..

Pesto Rolls : Really fun to make and they look so good after they're baked.

Whole Wheat Pav (pao) before proofing Rising!


Mar 11, 2010

Pasta con Crema Bianca

The first thing you think about when you shift from being vegetarian to vegan is how am I not going to eat all the cheese, cream, milk and all the things that are made with them?!

I love Italian food and for me it was the white sauce with pasta that I was going to miss the most. That's what I thought till I tried this one....

For the sauce you need

1/2 cup dry, raw and unsalted cashews
An Onion chopped fine
Garlic if you like
Green Chillies or Red Chilli Flakes
Green, Red and Yellow Capsicum (whatever you like / have) cut in to 1/2 inch cubes
Broccoli florets
Corn / baby corn
Mushrooms chopped thin
Steamed and cubbed potatoes
Steamed and chopped carrots
Sun dried tomatoes if you like

Mixed Italian herbs
Or if you have individual dried herbs you need 1/4 tsp each of Oregano, Rosemary, Basil and Parsley.
Or if you have fresh herbs it's even better.

Salt & Pepper

Pasta: Penne/Fusilli/ Farfalle (bow tie)/ Conchiglie (shell)

Start cooking the pasta in a pot of boiling water first. The sauce will be ready before you know it.

Dry roast the cashews till they start showing brown patches on them. Powder the cashews in a blender and add some water to make a paste.

In a sauce pan put in the chopped onion with a teaspoon of water. Add the garlic, sauté it for a bit and
then add in the cashew paste. Let it cook for 3 minutes and then add about 1 cup of water. Stir in the vegetables and let them all simmer together till the cashew is a nice thick consistency. If you think the sauce is not enough add in a little bit more of water and let it simmer. Add the chilli flakes, herbs, salt and pepper. Serve with pasta.

There is no need of olive oil but if you want the flavour add the olive oil in the end after you take the sauce off the heat. You could also make this sauce in to a pesto by adding some freshly ground basil leaves to the sauce in the end. With the basil this sauce doesn't stay in the fridge so finish it the same day.

Mar 10, 2010

Soft Coconut Cookies

All this started when I’d forgotten about some coconut milk that I’d made and kept in the fridge for about 10 days. When I thought of making some coconut ice cream out of it, I opened the box to find that the milk had separated into a gooey bright white mixture on top and an egg white like substance at the bottom clinging together like an egg like the picture on the right.

After a lot of smelling and tasting my mom and I decided it wasn’t spoilt. So now that the ice cream was out of the question and the coconut milk now felt like an egg I thought of using it to make a batch of cookies. That didn’t turn out so well. We ended up eating the greaseproof paper with the cookies (because they tasted so good). But the same dough I put it into smaller biscuit cups and voila a beautifully soft cupcake came out without the use of any artificial raising agents.

So here’s how to do it.

½ cup Coconut butter (the top white portion of the milk after keeping it in the fridge for a while. I’d say a week. I wouldn’t try it with store bought coconut milk)
4 tbsp Whole Wheat Flour
2 tbsp sugar
Some almond essence if you like

The coconut butter had a thread consistency actually more like a rope. It’s exactly how the egg is before you beat it. Everything sticks together.

Mix everything and put them in mini cupcake tins or biscuit tins (like on the left) and let them bake for about 20 minutes. If you have a grill it works well in that too and gives a nice crusty layer on top.

It’s so amazingly soft it’s almost unbelievable.

Coconut Milk can be made using fresh coconut. Just break the coconut in half and take out the white portion (it’s called coconut meat but I don’t like that too much) just as you would for chutney. Put it in a blender with some water and let it blend for a few minutes. Then using a strainer squeeze out the liquid and add some more water to the coconut solids and blend it again and strain it. This is what I used to make the soft coconut cookies.

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