Apr 30, 2010

Mango Avocado Guacamole/ Chutney

It's mango season and also avocado season. How can you not mix them both?!

This is my mother's idea. Using a raw mango and a not fully ripe (yes, I am to blame for that I couldn't wait to cut open the damn avocado) avocado we made this dip / chutney. I got lucky here because if the avocado is not ripe enough it tastes like socks, not that I've tasted socks.

You need

1 RIPE Avocado

1 RAW Mango
1 Green Chilli
1/2 a tomato cut in to tiny pieces
1/2 an onion cut in to tine pieces (I avoided the onions)
Some Coriander to garnish

Put the avocado, mango and chilli in the blender. Blender in to a fine paste. Add the salt, tomato and coriander and give it a stir.


Serve with chips, in rolls, or eat it as is!

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