Mar 2, 2011

For the ♥ of Artichoke

Where do I begin? If you haven't had an Artichoke, you're missing something BIG. Of course it's
not available fresh in India, but go and get that can of tender, sweet love and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I am always very excited to get myself a can of Artichoke hearts. I absolutely love Artichoke hearts and crave for it every so often, much to my chagrin (you'll know why by the time I end this post).

Artichoke is very versatile. It has no particular taste of it's own but also reminds me somewhat of an asparagus. It melts in your mouth as the layers unfold and goes well with or on top of almost anything.

This time I decided to punctuate the mild sweetness of the Artichoke with Fire Roasted Peppers and drizzled it with a sour Greek Style Olive Oil Dressing and it was heaven. K and I ended up eating the entire bowl of salad meant for five and even added more artichokes in towards the end.

Artichokes, according to a Wikipedia entry, have the highest reported total antioxidant capacity amongst vegetables. It is also known to aid digestion, strengthen the liver and gall bladder functions and raide the HDL/LDL ratios.

A warning though, about an hour after we ate our meal, we couldn't stop our bowels clearing themselves out! After about 4 such trips, I searched for 'artichoke diuretic' and there it was. We found the culprit! It's a good cleanse, though we ended up feeling hungry for a midnight snack. Lesson learnt - Go slow on the Artichoke.

Anything for the ♥ of Artichoke!

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