Aug 13, 2011

Mayo Dips! Vegan Mayo on the shelves.

Ever since I went vegan, mayonnaise went off my list. I wasn't a big fan, so I didn't miss it much. I did try Vegenaise in the US, but the taste was too close to mayonnaise for me, it made me sick.

While shopping at some supermarket, I suddenly saw that we now have at least 20 different types of Mayonnaise available and they all are local brands. So I just picked some and started reading their ingredients. To my surprise I found 4 vegan flavours. The first one I tried was Dr Oetker Fun Foods Eggless Diet Mayonnaise. It's really good and has the perfect amount of sweet and salt. Also all of Kissan's Creamy Spreads are vegan. They have plain, tomato and garlic flavours. The problem with Kissan's is that it is way to sweet to be Mayonnaise. Even when I made some spicy dip, I could still taste the sugar in it. The one from Fun Foods on the other hand is perfect for dips and even in sandwiches. It's just like mayonnaise without the eggy flavour.

Dips are perfect for small gatherings and you really can't tell the difference between the vegan and non vegan mayo. They can be served with chips, breads, nachos, sticks of raw vegetables. It's best to serve the dip cold so you can make it a few hours in advance and chill it before serving.

Here are a few ideas that I tried and loved.

The 4C DIP :
Cucumber, grated fine
Chillies, cut fine
Capsicum, cut fine
Coriander leaves, cut fine
Vegan Mayo

Mix and Serve!

Roasted Pepper Dip:
Capsicum of any colour, roasted on open flame till black. Put it in an air tight container for about 10 minutes immediately. Remove, peel, chop.

Mix with salt, red chilli flakes, mayo. Serve.

Dill Dip:
Dill is a very strange herb. It's really strong and I think it has a concentrated flavour of grass. Many people don't like it, but I love it. For this dip, be sure to use only a few leaves because you don't want the dill to over power the dip.

Few Dill leaves chopped fine.
Green Chillies
Half an onion chopped fine

Fresh Dill (also known as Suva)

Caramelized Onion Celery Dip:
Sauté a finely chopped onion in very little or no oil till it's light brown. Add some freshly chopped celery and garlic to it and cook for two more minutes. Mix with some chilli, coriander powder, salt and mayo. Chill and serve.

Spring Onion Dip:
Chop up one or two spring onions depending on how much you are making. Chop up the leaves and the bulb. Add some chillies, coriander, salt and squeeze in very little lemon juice. Serve Chilled.

The possibilities are endless. You can omit a few ingredients, replace them, add more. You can add the mayo to some Guacamole, add some fresh or dried herbs to flavour them, use carrots for some colour, make a green spinach dip with some cooked spinach puree, make a pumpkin dip after mashing some steamed pumpkin and so much more.


Most of the dips I make are dictated by what I find in my vegetable drawer. Store bought vegan mayonnaise is probably not healthy. But once in a while it doesn't hurt specially if you run an extra km on the treadmill the next day.

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