Dec 1, 2011

Quick Dessert: Chocolate Agar Agar Mousse

A lot of times we have impromptu film screenings or friends pop in and I can never let anyone go without eating something. On one such 45 minute notice period I made a quick dessert for our visitors since they were coming post diner.

This recipe uses agar agar also known as china grass or as I heard someone on Master Chef Australia call it Aey-gaar Aey-gaar. (I bet they must be making fun of our accents. Have you ever wondered if there is ONE true accent?)

Agar Agar calls for some experimentation on your part. Sometimes it's hard to get it right but you will learn from your mistakes. I have previously made a Lime Nutmeg Jelly with Agar Agar which is a bit more work than this recipe. For this recipe, I used the strips of Agar Agar which are available in the grocery stores if you ask for China Grass. Each pack of Agar Agar has one thick strip which is enough for half a litre of milk. 

This is the plain, unflavoured Agar Agar (China Grass) I like to use

Since this wasn't planned with enough time, I used sweetened chocolate flavoured soy milk which I had. But you could do the same with any other non dairy milk if you prefer. You can do it with cashew, almond, coconut or even rice milk.

You need:
1/2 litre (roughly 2 and a half cups) of Chocolate Soy milk at room temperature
1 Strip of Agar Agar (Cut and powdered in a dry mixer)
1/4 cup water

Mix the powdered agar agar flakes with the water and bring it to a boil. Stir frequently and make sure most of the agar agar has disappeared. A few small lumps are okay. Now, little bit at a time, while stirring continuously, add the chocolate soy milk. Keep it on the stove for about 3 minutes more till the soy milk is hot and take it off the stove. Pour into a big glass bowl or small moulds to set. Keep it in the fridge and let it set for at least 45 minutes.

It always has a better texture after about 6 hours, but it's like a perfect mousse after an hour.

Top with some grated/ chopped vegan chocolate (Bournville, Mordes) and serve cold.


  1. I love this mom does not eat anything that has gelatine in it and reason daughter can have this...coz she has diary allergy...i actually have chocolate mousse recipe on my blog...but i have to hide it from my daughter coz it has cream in it and mom won't eat it coz it has gelatine...thank u for this recipe...i can share it with my whole family

  2. Thank you Charishma!! :) I will make it a point to share more dairy replacement recipes for your daughter!

  3. Can you sub irish moss with agar agar? This is what I keep wondering.

  4. Yes I'm pretty sure you can. All the vegetarian/vegan jelly mixes we get in India use irish moss. And the best thing about irish moss is that you don't have to heat it to activate it.

  5. Do you have an estimated amount if starting from powder form of agar agar? This recipe sounds terrifically simple! thank you


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