Jan 16, 2012

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Nothing can be simpler than this.

For the past few weeks I have been on a fruit breakfast. Initially it was tough. Once you are used to eating cooked foods in the morning switching over to fruits requires some dedication. There is always the devil inside you wanting to have a bite of that warm pancake or dosa with spicy chutney. The weather being so nice, you want to put something warm into your mouth. But once you learn (as I have at THAC) that fruits are the perfect foods for your body, you will only want to do good to your body.

As the title suggests, this smoothie only contains bananas and strawberries. No sugar, no natural/ artificial sweeteners, no nuts, no seeds, no nonsense. Do it with any fruit.

You need 2 Bananas and 12 strawberries. Blend it together, pour into a glass and serve. This will give you a thick smoothie, if you'd like it thinner use 1 Banana, 6-8 strawberries and half a cup of water.

It's exceptionally sweet and delicious!


  1. Thank you for sharing tasty post on " Vegan on the Prowl " it is awesome, you can include smoothie in your another recipes post which will be healthy, nutritious food!

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  2. Pretty good! Definately a good base, and you can add other ingredients for flavor and/or nutritional value. I'm trying to transition into veganism, and this quick and easy recipe helps me when I need a breakfast or snack but don't have much time!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Sure, this smoothie has so many possibilities. I hope you get time to make healthy vegan food! :)


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