Apr 25, 2012

Chikoo? Chikoo?

"Mango? Mango? Chikoo? Chikoo?"

I'll never forget those words uttered by an American immigration officer as I was walking towards my terminal at Atlanta Airport. Those were aimed at all the Indians who had just collected their bags and were trying to sneak fruits into the country. It was really funny because I really didn't expect an American to say something that is so normal for us Indians to say!

Chikoo or Sapota or Sapodilla is an earthy brown fruit that I have just come to like. They taste almost malty-sweet which is may be why I wasn't so fond of it. We were forced to drink 'milkshakes' in the evenings and chikoo was my least favourite. I never really liked the taste of cow's milk, but my parents (like your parents) were made to believe we needed milk while growing up. I have a confession to make though, I remember many times secretly pouring an entire glass of milk down the drain to make my parents believe I drank it. I feel very proud now, but always felt guilt then.

Anyway, I've been on smoothie breakfasts for quite a while now and I try to use seasonal fruits as much as I can. During the winter months I made Strawberry Smoothies every single day. Now that the strawberries have disappeared, mangoes and chikoos are in season. This recipe uses chikoos and my favourite, bananas.

Makes two glasses

You need:
3 ripe chikoos (washed well, do not peel!)
1 ripe banana

Blend and serve!


  1. Haha, the customs story sounds very familiar. Once a customs guy asked me if I had cumin and even went on to translate 'jeera' to make it more clear. :) It really is amusing to hear non-Indians speak these terms but I guess they really must be learning a lot of desi names for stuff because of the kind of crazy stuff people try to sneak in. Can you believe I once saw a bag of peeled and skinned avarekai?? It was rotting and stinky. I don't know how the person thought it would last the journey! Poor customs people were totally disgusted. Haha

  2. Really?! Wow! People think they can get away with anything!


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