May 2, 2012

Fancy a dim sum?

Foodies love the company of other foodies and it's more fun when it's a potluck or we get invited to watch a chef make his famous dishes. Rushina always comes up with the best adventures for us and gives us a great excuse to catch up.  This time it was dim sums. Who doesn't love those steamed dumplings?

We were invited to Trikaya to watch chef Neelesh Limaye make some dim sums and then sample some of the great food I'd read about. I've heard so much about the new wave of restaurants in the Juhu-Andheri side of the city but I can never get myself to go there because of the lovely roads we have in Bombay. Something told me not to miss this opportunity, and I'm glad I didn't.

Veggie stuffing for the dim sums

Beautifully made dim sums

Trikaya opened its doors to Pune first and now they have a Mumbai restaurant. The interior is quite the opposite of the exterior location that the restaurant find itself in. It's calm, peaceful and very tastefully done.

Something we'd all like in our homes - A wall full of glass bottles

I started the afternoon with a mocktail which they like to call 'Hall of Lame'. (I think you get lamer after a cocktail and not after drinking fruit juice!) Nevertheless the one I had was called Paradise and it was probably the best mocktail I'd ever had in this city. It was a mix of berries and their juices and it wasn't as sweet as the other sugary mocktails I've had elsewhere. It was so good, I had it twice.


The chef showed us how to make the dimsum dough, roll it out and stuff it. He came out as a humble person who was quick to appreciate all of his sous chefs. He even took us into the kitchen to show us the inner workings of the restaurant. We then sat down to a great lunch which consisted of vegetable dim sums, leafy rolls, their famous Lotus Root and Mongolian Gun Powder Spices, a  mixed Mushroom side dish with a mildly flavoured rice. The food was excellent.

Chef Neelesh Limaye

Rolling and spreading out the dim sum 

Live Stir Fry demo

The backstage staff at Trikaya

If you live close by or travel to Andheri often, then you must try them out. If not, this restaurant is a good excuse to go there!


  1. I loooooove dim sums. Could eat them for three meals a day, everyday. Yum!!

    Looks like you and I have both had a nice time being demo-ed for by chefs over the past weekend. :)

  2. i read dimsum and i went 'yeye'... but this wasnt a recipe! :( i loooove dimsums... since you have made me crave these, now show me how to do it too :)

  3. @Susmitha: Such fun to be demo-ed! :)

    @Divya: I'll make them for you when you come in June!

  4. Appetizing, for sure. The first time I'm learning (or hearing) about Lotus Root and Mongolian Gun Powder Spices.

  5. Thanks! I'd never had it before that too. You must try it.


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