Jun 17, 2013

Guest Post on Susmitha's blog: Spiced Pumpkin Mousse

I think the Pumpkin is a rather ignored vegetable. You give me pumpkin for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I will happily eat it. I have hardly come across Indian recipes that use pumpkin in desserts and that is strange because if you have tasted raw yellow pumpkin (you must if you haven't) it is delicious with a slight hint of sweetness that increases after you cook it. Americans make it into Pumpkin Pies and the Portuguese make a Pumpkin Jam that I love, so this time I put it in a mousse and sent it over as a guest post to Veganosaurus.

Veganosaurus is a blog by Susmitha who is based in Bangalore. The recipes on her blog are simple, use healthy, local ingredients and look absolutely inspiring. Head on over to her blog so check out how I used my favourite squash - Veganosaurus


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