Sep 3, 2013

Where have you been?

First off, I know it's been a while. I was out traveling for three weeks in August, driving, camping, beach bumming, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling... you get the gist. I went from being roughly 3000 meters above sea level straight to the tropical aquamarine sea. I've gone from being wheatish complexion to an almost burnt bread crust and my feet look like they belong to another person!

But that's it about what I have been up to. In more exciting news, it is Vegan MoFo time of the year again - when bloggers from all over the world come together to blog about vegan food and things.  This year it is going on all through the month of September and I am already three days late to start.

Not being able to zero in on a theme for this year, the best (and easiest) thing for me to do this month is to talk about my travels, what I ate and where. I will hopefully be able to share a few recipes also. Like last year, I will feature one or two interesting blogs / bloggers whenever I get around to posting.

Before I begin, tell me where have you been in the month of August? What have you been up to?

I will be posting about my first destination in a few hours. Till then enjoy some of my fellow bloggers from this exhaustive list:


  1. Yay! Glad you're finally on the MoFo wagon today, Rithika. Looking forward to seeing all your traveling vegan food pics. Nom. :)

  2. Hee! Looks like we're doing about the same thing (only, my hedgehog mascots have taken over and are recounting my most recent tour). Your trip sounds much more exciting than mine! I went to perform music at an SCA event (think Renaissance Faire without the patrons) in Pennsylvania, did a bit of sight-seeing in Canada, and then performed at a gaming convention (GenCon) in Indiana. All of my hiking was from the parking garage to the convention center. *laugh*

    1. Haha. Sounds exciting enough!! Those hedgehogs are adorable!Can't wait to read about your adventures.


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