Mar 24, 2010

Vegetarian Eggs anyone?

I got a call asking me if I sell vegetarian eggs through The Green Stove. I really didn't know how to react. First I thought someone wanted an egg replacer, but the voice on the other end didn't really wait for me to ask.

So then I didn't think much about it till I read today's Times of India. ('Egging you on' page 23). I can't find it on the TOI website but I'm sure you won't miss it if you read TOI in Bombay.

The article goes on to give the health 'benefits' of eating eggs and also on the side has a tiny write up about how, by feeding vegetarian feed to chicken, the eggs can be termed 'vegetarian' and sold to vegetarians as a vegetarian product. Also goes on to say that the egg was not going to be fertilised anyway meaning the chick isn't going to come out of that egg so what's the harm in eating an unfertilised egg?

Can someone tell me how the reproductive fluid of another animal be sold as being okay for vegetarians just because they're feeding it vegetarian feed?


  1. Like the way you put it! How can the "reproductive fluid" of another animal be termed "vegetarian"! Are uninformed reporters going to decide now what is "vegetarian"! If we can locate this article with the date, it would be useful to write a letter to the editor.


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